Corporate Training

Corporate training topics

- Getting along with difficult people in the workplace.

- DISC Personality Workshops and Assessments - benefits sales, marketing, customer service, employee engagement and improved communication throughout your organization. Each workshop is customized to your specific needs and/or department)

- Success in any economy 

- Improve Communication among different cultures and age groups

- Sales Success-Give your sales team the skills and tools that helped Marie Cosgrove become #1 in sales nationally. In fact, she  was told she was making too much money, that she was fired--but then she built another company with her sales skills, and bought the company that fired her.  If you want to have the problem of your sales team making too much money in commissions, you need Marie Cosgrove to help train your team.#Sales Training 

- Marketing - Marie has a proven track record of turning failing companies into profit centers with her marketing expertise. She has worked with some of the most recognizable names in the industry, including USAA, FedEx and Sprint. 

- Customer Service

- Negotiation

-Become the Manager Employees Respect, Follow and Trust

- Reduce Employee Turnover

- Overcoming Toxic Environments (negative attitudes, gossip, etc...)

- Emotional Intelligence

-Maintaining Emotional Balance and Control During Stressful Situations in the Workplace

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Testimonial from Brian tracy

Testimonial from Brian Tracy, NYT Best Selling Author & Speaker

Top Motivational Speaker, Les Brown Provides Testimonial on Marie's ability to move your audience towards success.