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Unleashing Your Genius Mind - Great message for kids at school and/or before testing,  to help them uncover the natural gifts and talents they possess inside, encouraging them to outperform and exceed expectations in school. Marie was a failing student, however, after discovering that we all possess untapped potential, she has risen to success in business (including buying the company that fired her in the competitive world of medical devices). She understands the difficulties of growing up in poverty and with limited resources. She has a unique ability of sharing practical wisdom on how to overcome adversity and turn it into advantage. 

Anti-Bullying - Marie Cosgrove has spoken to audiences as large as 30,000 live and an additional 450 schools via livestream on Anti-bullying. At risk students who participated in a semester long anti-bullying program at PSJA Junior High and High Schools had a 89% success rate. Contact Marie Cosgrove today, and eliminate bullying in your school. 

Motivation & Inspiration -    When she refused to take a pay cut, Marie Cosgrove was cut loose. So she started her own business....and a few years later, bought the company that fired her. 

Whether it's everyday problems or seemingly insurmountable challenges, we all face hardships in our personal and professional lives. Business mastermind and motivational speaker Marie Cosgrove will guide students in discovering how to use these hardships to propel them forward towards their Greater Fortune (TM).


Born into poverty, Cosgrove persevered through a tumultuous upbringing and an abusive marriage; throughout it all, she raised four children on her own while struggling to make her way in the business world. Not only did she survive, she turned the lessons of adversity into advantage, becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and innovator in the competitive field of medical devices. Now, she shares what she has learned --from both her successes and failures--with audiences all over the world. From students to CEO's, entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profit organizations, professional associations to clinicians Marie has the skill, talent and communication to move students towards action and success.

Just as we all have disadvantages, we all have talents and resources we can tap. Marie will help your students uncover their unique opportunities for greater accomplishment and fulfillment, as well as learn how to wield perceived weaknesses as strengths and use them to achieve success. 


Your students will also gain a road map to a better life filled with wisdom and practical strategies that will help them make the most of the greatness already within them, in an entertaining, captivating and engaging speaking event they won't forget! 


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