Marie Cosgrove

Public Speaker

Radio Program

Welcome to Single parent success

Our new Radio Program Launches 11/11/2019. Hosted by International Public Speaker, Marie Cosgrove. 

You can hear us live here, in English & Spanish. 

If you are visiting or reside in South Texas, or by the border of Mexico, you can tune in on Radio Vida, Spanish Christian Programming on AM 1290 or FM 104.7 (McAllen/Mission, TX area) & FM 105.7 (Harlingen, TX area)

Every Monday from 6:30 PM-7:00 PM & Saturday from 2:30 PM-3:00 PM, we will discuss topics on single parenting. 

You may be a single parent as a result of:

- Becoming widowed

- Abandonment from your spouse

- Domestic Violence, causing permanent separation, and divorce.

- Divorce, causing you to co-parent part-time. 

Either way, being a parent is not easy. Adding the additional stress of doing it as a single parent makes it all the more difficult. However, you are not alone. This program is intended to give you ideas, support, and provide strategies to overcome some of the most common difficulties we face as single parents.